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About Us

Senat marketing is a dynamic marketing and power company, which offers innovative products and services. Our business is tailored to meet diverse needs of our clients -businesses and households. We strive for efficiency, and impact directly on customer expectations.

The Founding members have served in different industries as individuals: marketing, research, network management and project management. Our success criterion is through formulation of strategic partnerships with professionals in the industry for wealth of knowledge as to ascertain effective solutions.

Our Solutions

Load shedding Solutions

  • No disruption during power cuts (Load Shedding) we keep all essentials ON

  • Automatic transfer (Mains to batteries)

  • Solar PV ready (Future growth)

Innovative Marketing Products and Services

  • Branding

  • Waterproof Mobile Pouches

  • PPE (Three layer Masks)

  • Drip Coffee and Rooibos cappuccino

  • Applied Streetview 360

Applied Streetview 360 Solutions

Let us help you

Applied streetview

  1. Action camera

  2. Asset visualisation

  3. Upload to Google

Renewable Energy Solutions

Simply put, it is the type energy from natural sources such sunlight.

Example site:

  • 5KVA Inverters in Parallel connection (10KVA in total)

  • 8.1KW Solar PV

  • 800Ah Li ion Batteries


AMF Panels

Lead Acid/ Lithium ion batteries

Solar PV